Corporate events planners in Spain

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Corporate events planners in Spain: Activities for corporate events are actions aimed at different commercial or business interests. As a brand or service launch, business inaugurations, meetings, incentives, marketing and advertising. That is, everything you need to distinguish yourself and unlike the competition in a global market.

The purpose of moving a message. Get an answer or generate an attitude. Remember what impacts you.

More importantly: mainly, they are a powerful tool to strengthen and unite teams, give visibility and distinction. Everything depends on the type of event you want to organize, which will depend on the objective to be achieved.

Consequently, we can not forget the staff coexistence or team building actions, as well as incentive trips. But also, the meetings of shareholders or congresses. In which we contribute, our unique and creative touch. We are flexible and adapt to the environment. Therefore, we can create from an elegant and exclusive event, to a theme party. The possibilities are extremely broad, so you will not see two events that are the same.

Our goal is your satisfaction

Our goal is efficiency and excellence. So we were awarded the Gold Medal for professional excellence. This is what the 2001 European Forum wanted us to do and we picked it up at Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

That is why we take each project as unique. Thus we show the commitment and dedication necessary to achieve your goals. Above all, we help you to stand out and be different.

We take care that the company, as hostess, is dedicated exclusively to your guests. First of all, they are well taken care of. To enjoy the event, from its arrival until its completion.

In addition, we like to give an exquisite customer service in corporate events planners in Spain. Where, efficiency, commitment and speed are very important to us. Therefore, we promise to answer your first e-mail or call within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Corporate events planners in Spain – A powerful communication and motivation tool.

As a result of the above, in our first interview we will establish the mission and the objectives. Listening, as always, to give the right answer to each question. Something essential in the corporate events planner in Spain. From a small business to a multinational.

This is how we will define the creation, organization, planning, communication, promotion and evaluation of the event:

What is the type of event we want to organize?

What do we want to communicate?

What is our goal we want to achieve?

How do we intend to achieve it?

Who are we going to? What is the target audience?

With what resources do we have?

What diffusion platforms will we use?

We give you solutions

Certainly, we need to know you to show your best version. Because it is essential in 360º marketing. And that is one of our greatest strengths against other corporate event planners in Spain. We care about the people, the staff, their needs and fears. Because the whole set helps us to project the best of you and minimize your weaknesses.

How we offer customized solutions, we are committed to each project. And if, for lack of time when requesting our services, it is not possible to give you the quality we offer, we will be honest with you. We always flee from mediocrity. Of course, we are not perfect. Nobody is. But we are very self-demanding and we only settle if we exceed your expectations.

Thus, the first contact is the most important. Since, those answers, will be the inspiration for our creativity to start working.

This will give your corporate event the proper atmosphere and the correct transmission of the message. Leading it to the defined objectives.

So, together with our team and collaborators, we will carry out a project with different proposals. But always unique, different and exclusive.

Of course, we will agree on each step with the person in charge of the company. While we will keep you informed, at all times. Our professionals create events and design customized company activities. So we always adapt them to your needs and means.

We are not the typical corporate event planners in Spain

That is, we run away from the standard, because each person is unique and each company is different.

That is, we run away from the standard, because each person is unique and each company is different.

Do not miss this great opportunity to strengthen the identity of your brand. So how to persuade interest audiences. Because securing your customers and employees is of vital importance.

We are not an event factory, so we do not produce them in series. We also do not have predefined packages. We love challenges, provide creativity in everything we do. And if you do not know what you want or what you need, for that you have at your disposal a team of professionals who will advise you effectively. So your organization of company events will be as attractive as possible, with the least amount of resources.

Everything you need in a single company

We offer comprehensive services for the organization of business events.

  • Graphic design and production
  • Audiovisual: video and photography.
  • New technologies: video mapping, interactive projections, brand customization, holograms, 3D experiences, robotics …
  • Decoration and lighting of spaces.
  • Different shows with different objectives.
  • Interdisciplinary teams of Human Resources: hostesses, models, actors, creatives, scriptwriters, decorators, producers … etc.
  • Transfer, location and dissemination. This is how we put our digital platforms at your disposal to reach the goal.

Endless resources so that the message reaches all recipients.

Contributing to a better world

In addition, we have incorporated corporate social responsibility and business ethics. And not to improve our image, but because we believe that we have an ethical obligation to contribute to improving the environment.

Thus, when you hire our services, you can be sure that part of our benefits will go to those who need it most. For example, through donations to medical-scientific research. Actions to collect funds for patient associations. Committed to a quality and accessible education, we develop projects at low cost for various public entities and non-governmental organizations.

We are also very aware of the environment. We avoid, whenever possible, the use of plastic. We use cloud storage and new technologies to use paper as little as possible. We recycle always.

We mainly use public transport to save unnecessary emissions. Because the planet is our home and, therefore, our responsibility to contribute to its continued habitability.

Corporate events planners in Spain: From idea to success

Finally, we guarantee the success of the action. You can check the sub-menus for some of our services.