Audiovisual services for filming in Spain


Services for filming in Spain: Audiovisual service are a great service for those Producers, directors or artist. We know perfectly the sector.

If you are an international Producer/director/artist you must know that we speak Spanish and also English. If you don’t speak Spanish or you have issues understanding it we will be your eyes and voice. So, we will negotiate in your name, according to your needs and indications.

Full Support.

As a Production service in spain we dispose the best team filming professionals in Murcia. If you are looking for advertising, cinema, music videos, documentary and even photography this is your chance.

At the first contact we must know everything that you want and need. As a filming service in Spain we must give you the full service. We will work on the organization and coordination of the services you require: Search for locations; also processing permits; casting and database of extras and figuration, actors and models; or catering, accommodation and transport with us providers; support to production teams … etc.

As an added value, we have professionals with a high level of English and bilingual to facilitate international filming. We make sure that you understand everything and be able to communicate with us. That is why we considered essential that part of our staff have a high level of English.

In addition, you will be benefited from the agreements we have signed with our trusted suppliers, as well as private locations. And if you need any special service, we look for it and negotiate for you, so that you can focus your work in other areas of audiovisual production.

Murcia as a Perfect Location.

Due to its geographical location on the southeast coast and its climate, the Region of Murcia is one of the best locations in Spain for film and commercial shoots. Its mild temperatures in winter and sunny days almost all year round, ensure that the shootings can meet their scheduled dates. It is also very important to know that it is cheaper than in other regions, so you will save on production costs.

In addition, it has landscapes of sea and mountain, some unknown areas and very interesting at a cinematographic level. The proximity to the city of light (in Alicante) with its movie sets and the desert of Tabernas (Almería), make the Region of Murcia a strategic place to seat audiovisual equipment. With our services for filming in Spain, in Region of Murcia exactly, you’ll have a support company that could help you at all times.

Production Service in Spain: Wide Services.

  • Wide selection of external and internal locations. From different historical eras and a great variety of landscapes.
  • Search for specific locations. Photograph of locations in 360º.
  • Processing of institutional permits and private contracts.
  • Database of actors, actresses, specialist actors, figuration volunteer and models… etc.
  • Support professionals in: Sound professionals, cameramen, photographers, assistants production … etc.
  • Casting organization.
  • Personal accompaniment to the production teams.
  • Booking and coordination of accommodation, catering and transport.
  • Tramitación de contratos de trabajo.
  • … etc.